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Getting your license has become somewhat of a rite of passage that most of us go through at some point. Whether you have never put the keys in the ignition, have experienced an intimidating driving instructor or are negatively affected by a lack of confidence, you can have full peace of mind when you choose One 2 One. We offer driving lessons in Butler with the aim of building up your confidence, expanding your knowledge and giving you the skills required to hit the road safely.


Learn from a driving instructor who treats you as an individual


While the rules of the road are black and white, our approach as a driving school is not. Everyone learns in different ways, which is why we approach all our driving lessons with a clean slate; you don’t have to worry about confronting an exasperated instructor who expects you to be the same as everyone else! We also understand that responsible habits develop early in the learning process, which is why we give you all the help you need to become a safe driver for life.


Have you registered for driving lessons under Keys2Drive?


The Australian Government introduced Keys2Drive as an initiative to improve safety on the nation’s roads. The scheme gives L platers the chance to have a single session of professional instruction completely free of charge—under no obligation to book further sessions. We are a registered driving instructor in Butler under this scheme; to claim your free lesson, register on the Keys2Drive website and contact us to book once it has gone through.


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Give us a call on 0411 818 425 or send us an online enquiry to schedule lessons with our driving school in Butler. Online booking enquiries will be confirmed in writing either by text or email.

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