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Becoming a licensed driver is an exciting prospect, but many of us dread the learning process. Whether you have never sat in the driver’s seat before, lack the self-belief to take the wheel or fear the wrath of an impatient driving instructor, One 2 One will help you rest easy. Our driving lessons in Joondalup and surrounding area are focused on a calm, patient and measured approach to ensure you can build the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to drive safely under any conditions.


Be supported by a calm and patient driving instructor


Some things in life are clear cut, but learning to take the wheel isn’t one of them. We recognise that each and every person learns in their own way, which is why we treat you as an individual. When you book with our driving school in the Joondalup area, you don’t need to dread a session full of impatience and exasperation; we allow you to take your time and feel as comfortable as possible to ensure you can learn to the best of your ability and prepare for a lifetime of safety behind the wheel.

Register for your driving lessons with Keys2Drive


Keys2Drive was introduced with the intention of creating safer roads for Australian drivers. The Federal Government sponsors this scheme, which allows L platers to have a free lesson with a driving school under no obligation to continue after the first session. Keys2Drive driving lessons can be claimed by registering here—contact us for a booking once you have provided the required details.

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Fill out the online form or call us on 0411 818 425 to book lessons with a One 2 One driving instructor in Joondalup. Please note that online enquiries will be confirmed by email or text.

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