...Many Thanks for your guidance and direction. You were the best instructor for a lesson for someone who struggles with anxiety. My son enjoyed his lessons with you and always commented he felt comfortable in your instruction.


February 2019



Thanks so much again Michael. It was a pleasure doing all my lessons with you. Couldn't have done it without your support.

Nicole K

January 2018

One of the best instructors I've ever had, very patient! gives great advice on how to work on your weaknesses yet always making it positive! Very effective the way he teaches and is very supportive
Would highly recommend to everyone!

Zinnia S

August 2017

Thanks Michael, couldn't have done it without you're patience and easy to understand instruction. Great easy to drive vehicle as well. Cheers

Hamish A

May 2017

Michael is so lovely and so patient with a very good way of teaching and explaining, I always felt so comfortable and confident when I was learning with him. Highly recommend to anyone!

November 2016

Thank you so much Michael. I'll make sure I mention you to friends

Maxine W

October 2016

Hi Michael, I just wanted to say thank you so much for being so patient and helpful during the lessons. It was a pleasure being your student.

Miriam  B

July 2016

We can't thank you enough Michael. You are THE most amazing driving teacher and we were so lucky to have you to teach Dylan. Patience was the key and you never gave up on him and kept his dream alive , I'd recommend you to anyone . THANK YOU

Marie T


Thank you Michael. I'm very grateful for all the patience you have had with me when teaching me how to drive

Harry E

April 2016



Thank you!!! Wouldn't have been able to do it without you (pass)

Sholayna D

February 2016


Thanks so much again Michael! Couldn't have done it without you.

Joelle A

December 2015



Thanks so much Michael for all your patience and teaching me how to drive. Very Pleased

Karly K

October 2015


Thanks a ton Michael. It is because of your persistence and patience (I passed). The credit goes to you for bringing the best out of Learner Drivers

Navneet K

October 2015


Thank you very much Michael for helping me for the 2 months. It was great having you as my driving instructor, much better than my first one!

Josh H

August 2015


My Son is learning to drive with Michael. He had two instructors prior to Michael and had really been put off learning to drive. He has grown in confidence since starting lessons with Michael, he has his test booked and is now looking forward to becoming a driver. I would recommend One2One without any hesitation.

Pam C

June 2015


Hi Michael
Thanks for the wonderful and great lessons and tips. The credit goes to you. You are really a great instructor.
Saeed A

May 2015


I would highly recommend Michael as a driving instructor as his pateint, thorough and friendly manner made driving lessons an enjoyable experience for me. I was able to pass my driving test the first time thanks to the confidence and knowledge I gained from my lessons with Michael. Thank you One2One Automatic for all your helpful advice

Tamzyn R

May 2015

Thanks for the parallel parking tips. I got my licence because I did a good job at it....
Alejandra G
April 2015

Michael was a great driving instructor who made all the lessons enjoyable. He was always relaxed and never yelled, he also calmed the nerves and helped me get over any fears. I would happily recommend him as an instructor.

Thank you Michael

Jordyn M

March 2015

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Michael at One2One Automatic for helping me with lessons. I had put it off for years but with his help I finally took my test and passed first time. He is patient and helpful and i would highly recommended him to anyone no matter of age or circumstance.

Timmy B

February  2015
I had such a bad experience with my last driving school and although having sooooo many lessons with them, I failed two tests - but after only 4 lessons with Michael, I managed to pass my test today with nearly full marks!!!! I couldn't have asked for a better, more supportive instructor. I definitely would recommend Michael to everyone!
Jessie M
June 2014
Thanks to Michael's persistence, patience and easy going personality, I was able to pass my driving test first time round. When I first started my lessons, I was so nervous and had no driving experience and never thought in a million years I'd be ready to sit my test but today I did it with ease and confidence. That is down to Michael for helping me to improve out of sight and making me enjoy driving rather than being scared of it. I would recommend him to anyone who is learning!
Emma L
May 2014

We are pleased to share with you testimonials from students who have been successful in
passing their Practical Driving Assessment.

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